Om Maui Candida Cleanse

Om Maui Candida Cleanse

Join the feeling of eating clean* and feeling cleaner with your friends at #ommaui. Starting the week of 8/10/2015, Om Maui Studio will begin our annual candida #cleanse. For three consecutive weeks, accompanied by a daily dose of probiotic pearls, here are the yummy items that you can enjoy:

No: Yes:
Sugars (lactose, fructose, sucrose, syrups) Goat and Sheep Products (Goat cheese, Kefir, etc.)
Fruits & Citrus 100% Whole Grains
Processed foods (white flours, bread, etc.) Lean Cuts of Protein  (Chicken, Fish, Eggs, etc.)
Cow’s Milk and Products Nuts & Seeds (Raw and salted)
Fermented Foods (Alcohol, etc.) All Vegetables (Root veggies, tomatoes & carrots, etc.)
Fried Foods Feta Cheese
Mushrooms, Tempeh, molds Lentils, Beans & Soy
Vinegar Oils
Yeast & Nutritional Yeast Salt, Spices, Herbs
Sugar Substitutes (Stevia is ok) Coconut
If you can’t pronounce the name, or don’t know what it is Coffee & Tea (caffeinated ok)

For more information about the Om Maui Candida Cleanse and tips for what to eat and where to buy your food on Maui email Rebecca Jakeway at So let’s get started: 1st Choose any day that is best for you to begin this week 2nd Keep Om Maui posted via social media on your progress #ommauicleanse 3rdRemain active with your normal training at Om Maui, eat clean and enjoy the results!

*Talk to your doctor to find if this cleanse is right for you.