Info, Tips, and FAQ’s about the Candida Cleanse


Candida Cleanse? What’s that?  Most people want to start because it is a cleanse but don’t know why they should.  Simply, candida is a yeast.  Although there are many types of candida, I encourage the “candida cleanse” for those who feel frequent bloating after meals, fatigue and headaches.  The benefits for most who do this type of candida cleanse are awesome!  Most people who do the cleanse lose weight, notice more muscle definition, feel more energetic and overall just feel better.  But my favorite benefit is the wake up call that we get: we eat more sugar than we think.  By taking out the sugars and “silent sugars”, or foods that have a high glycemic index (GI) but aren’t necessarily “sugary”, we realize that the glycemic load of our daily caloric consumption is not that healthy.  The “candida diet” prescription is growing popularity among alternative medicine practitioners, naturopaths and even MD’s, but not without scrutiny over its science.  Here is a quick article from Mayo Clinic.  I don’t recommend this type of diet for a lifetime, but for three weeks it’s managble….and out of all the cleanse’s that I have researched, this is one that you can work-out without any major health risks.  Once your three weeks are over, gradually introduced the healthy “no” foods back into your diet.  I recommend starting with fruits.  I hope you feel better from this cleanse by learning how to eat cleaner.  Good luck!


-Talk to your Doctor before you decide to change your diet.

-Set yourself up for success, don’t buy items you are trying to avoid.

-Read your labels.  Avoid ingredients that end in -ose and/or contains gums.

-When eating out, make sure you know what is in your food.

-All or nothing.  If you want the benefits of the cleanse, do it 100%.

-Explore new recipes, learn how to cook clean.

-Don’t forget your probiotic pearls.


Why so long, three weeks?!

When Dr. Joel Friedman perscribed this cleanse for me, he said that people can clear up candida overgrowth by just eating clean, but it would take months and most don’t have the discipline for that long.  So three weeks was his compromise with the help of the probiotic pearls.

What can I use to substitute cow’s milk?

You can use a variety of milks like soy, rice, almond and/or coconut.  Make sure that there are no sweetners or additives.

Can I have crackers or whole grain pastas?

As long as your item is made from 100% whole grains, yes.  Make sure that the ingredients does not include anything else.

How should I eat after the three weeks?

Gradually begin to include the items from the “no” colum to your diet.  Most people by then don’t crave the “junk” but really want to eat fruits.