Sustainable Wellness: Train for life

Sustainable wellness implies that you have a long-term commitment to your well-being physically, mentally and nutritionally.  If you’re serious about your fitness, sport or skill, sustainable wellness is a key factor for non-stop improvement, strength and injury prevention.  If you are a “recreational professional”,  you probably have events that motivate you to train harder like a special performance day at your favorite class, a race or a competition.  Training for a short-term goal like weight loss, strength or a special event can make or break you depending on how hard and smart you push yourself to compete and reach your goal.  But with the mindset that you are committed to your long-term health you can avoid sacrificing your well-being just to make the podium for that one event.  When you train for life, you can feel like you’re in “1st place” all the time.  So keep it simple, train hard and train smart for the most important event ever. LIFE!

Train For Life