Power Based Training

You want to make the most of the time and energy you have available right?  The best way to do this is with power.  This month I’ll be applying power based training techniques to my fitness and cardio based classes at Om Maui Studio.  Some of the many benefits of power based training are weight loss, increased tone a.k.a lean body mass, faster metabolism and power (strength + speed).  So let’s train together this month to cultivate  your authentic power in both mind and body, only you can do the work but I can help guide you along the way…from there we can create infinite possibilities. Here is how we’ll break down our power training this month:

PHASE 1: Calculating your FTP (8/6 to 8/18)

In the following cardio classes we’ll be doing Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Tests.  This is to measure each rider’s power output.  These tests will be either 3, 5, 10 or 20 minutes.

Mondays 4:30pm- Pilates-Spin

Wednesdays 5:30pm- Barre-Spin

Saturdays 7am and 9am- Spin & Barre-Spin

After performing each test you will use the appropriate “Keiser Correction Factors” formula depending on the time of your test:

3 Min Test: Avg. Watts Number (AVN) – (20% x AVN) = FTP

5 Min Test: AVN – (15% x AVN)= FTP

10 Min Test: AVN – (10% x AVN)= FTP

20 Min Test: AVN- (5% x AVN)= FTP

After PHASE 1 is completed on 8/15, we’ll take the highest FTP test score, put it in our Keiser M Series App and use our smart phones during class to help guide our rides with your unique Power Training Zones:

power training zones

(Courtesy of Keiser @KeiserFitness)

Stay tuned here and @rebeccajakeway for PHASE 2 starting 8/18, 7am Spin!

Commit to yourself by signing up online and take your power to the next level!